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Create Email Autoresponder Campaigns For Any Niche In Minutes!
Version 2 features:
No software to install
Access from ANY internet device
Save and load projects
NEW! Spyntax Function!
Create UNLIMITED campaigns
Why Are So Many Marketers Using
Autoresponder Script Wizard?
Autoresponder Script Wizard is used by professional internet marketers. ASW is super easy--to-use software that creates 12 series autoresponder campaigns for ANY niche... in minutes!
Increase Conversions By 400%!
Imagine a system that is guaranteed to create a HUGE 400% or more increase in your sales!
NOW IMAGINE A SYSTEM...that takes minutes to set up...
that is so simple, a ten year old could do it...and
that dramatically cuts your marketing workload!
And...imagine that the system
will work for you...FOREVER...on autopilot!

Takes minutes!
Creating 12 series email autoresponder campaigns takes minutes to do!

No technical skills!
ASW is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill-in-the-blanks to create your autoresponder campaigns.

Saves money!
No need to pay copywriters! ASW is designed to enable you to create professional, tried-and-tested marketing campaigns!

Works on autopilot!
Once you've created an autoresponder campaign it will work for you forever...on autopilot!
'80% of sales come AFTER the fourth communication. If your web page doesn't have an autoresponder in place, you're losing 80% of your expected sales!'
Autoresponders typically increase sales by 400%!
Many companies try and sell on a single communication...BIG MISTAKE!
Amateur marketers create web site with the primary aim to try and sell.
Professional Marketers focus on capturing prospects' data & then sell through automated follow-ups!
Most sales come AFTER the 4th communication!
Research shows that 80% of sales come AFTER the fourth communication. This means that sales tend to increase by 400% - YES...four hundred percent MORE customers – if businesses work on a regular communication with their prospects & customers rather than just trying to make a sale on one communication!
Ideal for affiliate Marketers
If you're into affiliate marketing, then Autoresponder Script Wizard is going to transform your business. No need to spend days trying to come up with the right copy for your email campaigns...Autoresponder Script Wizard will do it for minutes!
What ASW v1 Customers said...
When ASW v1 launched it received rave reviews and sold over 300 copies in the first week!
I hate writing auto responder sequences so this software is a god-send to me. I was skeptical when Adam first explained it to me because I just didn't see how a piece of software could crank out auto responders that work just from asking a few questions. When I tried it the first time I was gobsmacked. With other 'copy writer' type apps I have tried in the past you are actually doing 99% of the writing and its just arranging it or formatting it up. This isn't like that. You really do just follow this diddly-easy wizard process answering some questions about the thing your promoting. In fact when I got to the end of the process I couldn't imagine how this was going to give me anything usable - but it did. And not just usable, really powerful, strong, compelling copy.
Andy BrocklehurstSoftware Developer
I have had a chance to play around with this and all I can say is "WOW". It doesn't get any easier than this. Nothing to install, the program runs straight out of the box, no installation hassles, no settings to configure. I love things like this.This REALLY SAVES TIME! I had my first email campaign ready in minutes! That's a BIG savings over doing it manually and I love the results. Sure, I need to tweak my campaign, but once I get the hang of this, I know I can pump out email campaigns with very little effort.
Phil GWeb Developer
I just grabbed Autoresponder Script Wizard. This is exactly what I've been looking for. It makes it so easy to set up an AR sequence for your list building efforts and nudge subscribers a bit to buy something from you without hitting them over the head.
Robert SandersInternet Marketers
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Does ASW v2 work for Apple Macs?
Yes! It works for ALL internet connected devices - computers, iPads etc! There's nothing to install, just log in and create your campaign in minutes!

How many campaigns can I create with ASW v2?
You can create UNLIMITED campaigns. You can also save your projects and edit them at any time!

What is the new 'spyntax' feature?
The new spyntax features means that every campaign will be unique. ASW has an intelligent compiling mechanism that changes key words to make sure that no two campaigns are the same.

Does ASW work for any language?
ASW v2 is English language only - although you could, of course, translate the campaign ;-)

Does it work with any autoresponder service?
ASW generates the email campaign. 12 follow up emails. You can use these with any autoresponder service.

Can I edit the messages?
You shouldn't need to edit the emails but if you did want to make changes, just open in any text editor (notepad etc) and change whatever you want.
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